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Our Community Spelling Bee is going virtual! This year’s event will be held on Saturday, September 26 via Zoom. Teams of 3-6 people will compete against other teams to Bee the best spellers. No individual spelling – everything is done as a team, in your own private Zoom room.

To enter your team click this link, and complete your team registration form.

Thanks to U.S. Bank for being our headline sponsor of our virtual event!

Who can compete: Local businesses, corporate teams, government representatives, church groups, bunco teams, book clubs, business associations, non-profit organizations, 

…anyone wanting to have fun together, bee competitive, and support local literacy and early learning efforts.

Here are the details:

How it works:One Team from each of two categories (youth and adult) will spell its way to victory!Teams of up to 6 people will compete simultaneously via Zoom against other teams.The pronouncer will announce each pre-determined word for the teams and say a sentence using the word.  The definition of the word will appear on the screen.Each team will be placed into a Zoom room, along with a volunteer (worker bee), and consult together to submit their final answer (spelled word) within an allotted amount of time (30 seconds).   The Team Captain will record the team’s answer, and when time is called, everyone will be placed back into the main Zoom meeting.Teams that spell the word correctly remain in the Bee.If a team fails to spell the word correctly, they can be eliminated.   However, the team has the option to pay $30 to buy back in.  $30 is the cost to provide 1 child with Imagination Library books for one year.During the final round (there will be 3 Official Rounds), one buy-back of $150 is allowed, ONLY if no buy-backs were used in the first two rounds; OR if a buy back has been used, it will cost $300 to buy back in.To qualify as a youth team, all team members must be 8th Grade or younger.  Youth teams are given three free Buy Backs.See Official Bee for Books Rules

Questions? Contact Diane Bowers at or call 270-316-3612.

Our Eight Annual Storybook Breakfast was held on Saturday, January 11, 2020.




2019 Community Spelling Bee

This year’s Bee was back at Blessed Mother Catholic Church.  The Cecil Family Spellers buzzed the competition with the word abecedarian (meaning to put in alphabetical order).    The Highland Spellers once again rocked the youth teams!  Congrats to all the winners – all the participants are winners!


Pictures from our previous Storybook Breakfasts:

2014-05-16 20.41.59
IMG_4144 (2)
IMG_4147 (2)
IMG_4160 (2)
IMG_4151 (2)

Fairy Godmothers



Storybook Breakfast 2013 - Cat in the Hat making friendsThe Cat in the Hat!

Storybook Breakfast 2013
All the characters
Snow White reading at the 2013 Storybook Breakfast
Snow White reading a story

Community Spelling Bee

2014 Youth Winner
2014 Youth Winner The Highland Spellers
2014 Overall Winner - The PresBees
2014 Overall Winner – The PresBees
2014 Team Spirit Winners – Girls, Inc.
2013 Overall Winner - Brescia's Bee-utiful Bees
2013 Overall Winner – Brescia’s Bee-utiful Bees
2013 Best Team Spirit - Country Heights' Doggone Good Spellers
2013 Best Team Spirit – Country Heights’ Doggone Good Spellers
2013 Youth Winner - Highland Spellers
2013 Youth Winner – Highland Spellers
2013 Spelling Bee Winners - OCTC Spellbinders
2012 Spelling Bee Winners – OCTC Spellbinders
2011 Spelling Bee Winners – Sorgho Spelling BEEsts
 2011 Spelling Bee Teams
2010 Spelling Bee Winners – Ursuline Sisters

For more information, contact: Nancy Roberts / Phone: (270) 686-1668)/email: